You Have Questions? We Have The Answers!

We know that oftentimes rumors circulate when something new is happening!  PLEASE do not hesitate to call if you have a question.  We do not want you to receive incorrect information.

I heard your classes are full this year, are you full for next school year?  We have space available in the freshman class. Please call to find out if we have space available in the other classes. During the summer circumstances can change and we don’t want you to miss your opportunity to attend CATHF.

We welcome all inquiries and visitors. Please call to schedule a tour. 630-442-1424

Where is the school located?  Our campus is in the lower level of the First Presbyterian Church in Downers Grove.  339 4th Street (enter via the green awning from the parking lot) We begin each day with daily Mass at Holy Trinity in Westmont 1 mile away.  Students are transported from Mass to campus.

How long will you be at this campus?  We have a wonderful working relationship with the First Presbyterian Church of Downers Grove. They have been so gracious and welcoming to us and we will stay in this building until we need to move due to growth. When that time comes, we plan to stay in the area. We do not expect to move for several more years, but we will see what God has planned for us.

Is it feasible to travel by train to school?  Yes, we have several students who take the BNSF train to the Westmont station for Mass and then go home via the Downers Grove Fairview Station.

Do you have sports and clubs?  We are an IHSA school and compete this year in the Metro Prep conference in Boys and Girls Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball.  CATHF with a cooperative relationship with Glenbard South, North and East competes in boys Lacrosse in the spring. We have had several athletic clubs since our first year.  We also have a Cultura Vitae club and a yearbook club. We are open to other clubs should there be student interest. Clubs and Sports are parent run and may include an extra charge.

Can I join the Pro-life club?  All students are part of the pro-life culture at Chesterton Academy of The Holy Family. Our motto is Cultura Vitae (Culture of Life) and we expect all students and families to uphold that motto.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend the pro-life club meetings.  These are held after school and include social time.  St. John Cantius Priest, Fr. Nathan Caswell and Illinois State Representative and Thomas More Society lawyer, Peter Breen and John Jansen from the Pro-Life Action League have spoken at the after school meetings.  The highlight our first year was having Msgr. Philip Reilly, founder of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, as our Inaugural Cultura Vitae Lecturer.

Can a non-Catholic student attend CATHF?  Yes. We do require daily Mass attendance for all students as well as four years of Catholic theology and the curriculum is infused with Catholic thought throughout the classes. However, all are welcome!

Why a Classical Education? “Truth, Goodness and Beauty.” A classical education seeks to fulfill each of these precepts. The study of Theology, as well as, Church teaching will further inform students of Christ’s truths. Armed with the truth, students can explore history, philosophy and literature with an eye towards what is Good.  Through music, sciences, drama and the arts, students will then embark on a quest to what is truly beautiful. Each tenant fulfills the others. In addition, a classical education seeks to inform and call out a student’s whole mind, without compromising the truth, something other schools simply cannot do. Come see for yourself what Chesterton Academy of The Holy Family is all about.